Month: February 2017

Is Your Career Worth Twenty Minutes?

How did you spend the last twenty minutes? Scrolling through Facebook? Reading inane tweets from you know who? Checking Instagram? Okay. Maybe you did actually spend the last twenty minutes working on a song or listening to music or even reading. Bravo! Now, seriously. How do plan to spend the next 20 minutes? How about investing the next twenty in your career? I spend a lot of time with artists and songwriters. Time and time again, I hear about their dreams, your dreams. Those dreams always include being successful, but they’re almost always light on an honest assessment of where...

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Beaufort to Billboard: A Music Success Story

If you haven’t heard of Mike Greenly, don’t worry, you will. Though he resides in New York City, professional speechwriter and coach, songwriter, lyricist, theater aficionado and true renaissance man, Mike is a son of the south; Beaufort, South Carolina to be exact. Five of his songs have made the Billboard charts and his most recent hit, “Say Yes” by Jason Walker made it all the way to Number One!! From Beaufort to Billboard indeed! Mike’s speech writing (his day gig) has won acclaim for his knack of capturing his client’s thoughts and messages with clarity and creativity. Clients...

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Know Your Audience

This weekend I was invited to attend and perform in the Band of Oz’ 50th Anniversary in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. An audience of over 900 friends, fans and family attended the sold out performance on Saturday night. What really struck me was how well the band knows their audience.  After all these years, the set list they chose was perfect for the night and exactly what the faithful fans in the  audience came to hear. The band chose the right songs in just the right order and the audience ate it up. In coaching artists and songwriters...

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Bucket List. Playing The Bluebird. Check.

Bucket List. You know, that list of the things you really want to get done before you kick it, so to speak. Nearly every songwriter I meet has “Playing The Bluebird” on that list.  Well, this week I was fortunate to have been able to assist Johnny Orr, Justine Blazer, Justin Weaterbee and Erik Halbig do just that. ✔️ – Check. My job is to assist my artists in finding opportunities to advance their musical career.  #TakeTheTwenty  is one of the ways I am able to begin.  With these four artists, I am helping them by identifying their goals...

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Nordista Freeze has a Team + Goals + Plan

Nordista Freeze and I met several years ago when he was a student at Lipscomb Academy in Nashville. The first time I saw him perform was at the annual school talent show and I was immediately smitten by his unbridled passion. He is an amazingly creative young artist and onstage he is the personification of reckless abandon. But that reckless abandon is layered upon a foundation that has three major elements: Team + Goals + Plan. Team I’m on Nordista’s Team. I mentor him in the Joshua Project at Lipscomb University where he is now a sophomore in the...

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Music Changes Peoples’ Lives at

Music Changes Peoples’ Lives Everyday #TakeTheTwenty is a self-assessment tool that all Artists and Songwriters should try. On it there’s a question that asks, “What makes you different from everyone else?” My friend, songwriter Roger Sterry, has found a way to change peoples’ lives in a profound way, that is unique and different. He founded the site with the motto “Play It Forward.”  When asked how it all started, Roger explained, “For years I would buy four or five cheap guitars  (I’m a collector) and as people I knew starting playing, I would give them a guitar.” When speaking...

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Chris Keaton

Chris is a Nashville-based entertainment industry executive, award winning music publisher, artist management consultant and a 2016 Inductee in the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame.