Month: April 2017

Which Box? What Box? You Decide.

WHICH BOX ARE YOU IN? Last week I was speaking with an incredibly talented artist and he said something that stopped me in my tracks. “Man, I’m just a bar singer, I can’t afford to hire someone to help me.” All I could think was he has just put himself in a box and sealed the lid. He dug a deep hole, jumped in and asked me to pile on the dirt. WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT? Why in the world would anyone describe himself that way?  But he’s not alone.  I’ve had songwriters tell me, “I’m just a...

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The Power of An Artist’s Performance

(Photo by LaVan @everydaylavan Anderson) One way or another, live performances are powerful. As an artist, performances are your chance to prove that you’ve got it or not. Just last week, I attended a Grammy-sponsored event here in Nashville. I knew there were going to be some well known artists, engineers and producers there, but it was a performance by some artists not even on my radar that rocked me back on my heels. Hearing the mega talented engineer, Boo Mitchell (son of Willie Mitchell) interview Jermaine Dupri and Anthony Hamilton was great, but the absolute best part of...

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Monkey Mind, Songwriters and Artists

Monkey mind. You know, that never ending, yip-yapping chatter you hear in your head. “Do this! Don’t do that!” That inner critic and his constant dialogue that everyone hears. The one that stops most people dead in their tracks. “That’s been said before.”  “That sounds just like that song from (insert your favorite writer here).”  “No one’s going to like this one.” “Are you kidding me?” “You can’t say that in song!” And more. Here’s the Bad News about the Monkeys The monkeys never stop chattering. The best writers, artists and creatives of all kinds hear the monkey talking,...

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No. No. I Don’t Know. Yes, Yes, Yes!

One of the first lessons a professional in the entertainment business learns is that “No” means nothing at all. In fact, if you take “No” for the final answer you lose. Big time. But, in my opinion, there’s an even greater lesson we should learn in communication. And the lesson actually starts with a question that I should include in #TakeTheTwenty. The Big Question Ready?  Here is is.  When you tell someone, “I don’t know” is it the end of the conversation or just the beginning?  Is it a dead end or an invitation to learn something more?  Hmm. ...

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Chris Keaton

Chris is a Nashville-based entertainment industry executive, award winning music publisher, artist management consultant and a 2016 Inductee in the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame.