How did you spend the last twenty minutes?

Scrolling through Facebook? Reading inane tweets from you know who? Checking Instagram? Okay. Maybe you did actually spend the last twenty minutes working on a song or listening to music or even reading. Bravo! Now, seriously. How do plan to spend the next 20 minutes?

How about investing the next twenty in your career?

I spend a lot of time with artists and songwriters. Time and time again, I hear about their dreams, your dreams. Those dreams always include being successful, but they’re almost always light on an honest assessment of where they are today and how they’re going to make the journey to a successful career.

I get it. It’s not always easy to ask and answer questions about yourself and your career. But, I can help you with that. I’ve taken what I’ve learned about the entertainment industry and boiled it down into twenty questions that, once answered, can help you move your career forward.

Hey, it’s your career and it’s only twenty minutes.

#TakeTheTwenty is a brief, yet thought-provoking exercise.  Not quite as demanding as the push ups your red faced, high school gym coach ordered by screaming at the top of his lungs, “Get down there and give me twenty!” And not quite as strenuous as running twenty laps around the gym or doing twenty sit ups, or that infernal plank exercise for twenty seconds (yuk!), but effective nonetheless. This exercise is designed to help you (and me) assess where you presently stand in your music career.  It also helps define where you want to go. And how best to get there.

Twenty minutes.  That’s all. (And it’s free!)

No one can be expected to have all of the answers.  I certainly don’t. And #TakeTheTwenty certainly doesn’t promise that, either.  But what it will do is enable you to do something powerful and positive for your career.

So, I challenge you to invest twenty minutes and #TakeTheTwenty.  Hey, the worst that can happen is you will spend twenty minutes or less taking a serious look at something very important to you. That’s definitely more productive that looking at those cat videos? , political rants ?  and pictures of food ? , right?

While #TakeTheTwenty may not give you 20/20 vision for your artist or songwriting career it will certainly bring  more focus to your vision. And that’s what this is all about. Twenty minutes. Focus. Vision. Your career.

If I can help you devise your plan, reach out to me –