Riley Adkisson is a badass. He’s also a bulldozer. Let me explain. For the past few weeks I’ve been writing about disruption in the entertainment industry and have suggested that there are two camps: badasses (bulldozers) and buildings (the status quo). The first camp are those artists who choose to move forward (like Alyssa, Clint and Tate from previous posts) and the second are those who continue to try the same tired old routes and end up with the same results (I seem to remember that being a definition of insanity.)


I met Riley a year ago through some mutual friends at Lipscomb University (more specifically at the George Shinn College of Entertainment and Arts). He told me about his band, The Vangos who had moved from St Louis to Nashville and were preparing to release a self produced, self funded EP. Other members of The Vangos include Thomas Meyer, Trent Briden, Joby Seitz and Andrew Grasso.

When I asked Riley if they had a plan I was blown away by the detailed ideas and strategies that he had for the project.

Even before the release of the EP he was planning tour dates, social media engagement and brainstorming ideas for a radio plan for the multiple singles he planned to release from the EP.  In short, he was already thinking long term. Badass.


Then he dropped this on me. With the help of videographer and producer,Tony Kell, Riley produced this video for the outlandish and undeniably catchy “Paid My Way Through College With Crack.” This was after Riley had already released a lyric video for the song.

As a certified bulldozer, he released the video on his own and is continuing to develop ideas for promotion as it moves forward. Riley recognizes the importance of a strong social media presence and he is open to new ideas to try. Ya gotta love that!

Riley reports that the song kills when they play it live.  By the second chorus the audience is singing along. Ya gotta love that!

And there’s more: he has at least two more killer singles in the queue.  Ya absolutely, positively gotta love that!

Let me say it again. Bulldozer.

Riley and I are starting to work together to build on the foundation he has created. We will keep you posted.


Riley came to me with a plan that was working but he wants to take it to the next level. I may be able to do that for you, too!! (If you want to be a badass bulldozer and NOT a building!)

And here’s where to start:

1) #TakeTheTwenty This free step will help you and me assess where you are and where you need to go from here. And it costs you nothing!

2) Reach out to me  Let’s discuss how I may be able to assist you.

3) Let’s make it happen!!!