Better, the first of three Joe Settineri and Electropoint collaborations is available (link appears below) right now. Today. At this moment!

I could not be more proud to be involved with this team of dedicated professionals who are getting it done. Here’s a little peek behind the curtain.


Joe and I have been working together for quite awhile now and I must say that he is one of the most talented and dedicated professionals I know.  And his singing voice is freakin’ off the charts!  This collaborative effort was born awhile ago when Joe was introduced to Roman (Electropoint).  They really connected and began writing and producing music in both New York and LA.

Mo’ Better

When the plan began to come together for Better, Joe and I agreed we needed a new approach for this song.  We decided on an “in house” strategy that we felt had merit. I had met August Blankenship, a dynamic digital marketer and suggested Joe take a meeting.  He did and the decision was made to bring August and his new company, A2B Digital into the mix.

Weekly strategy calls with all parties included goal setting, creation of playlist ideas, video production ideas and dreaming out loud. This has been the norm for the past several months.  And today the plan continues to expand with the release of the single.


Truth is this is only the beginning.  Now the real heavy lifting begins for the team.  Just like a small and nimble record  label we will see what works and what doesn’t and adjust our plan accordingly.  Joe, Roman, August and I will continue to put only our best into this project.

The best we can do is do the best we can. And we will.

You can help by listening and sharing the song. Thank you!


Joe Settineri