Monkey mind. You know, that never ending, yip-yapping chatter you hear in your head. “Do this! Don’t do that!” That inner critic and his constant dialogue that everyone hears. The one that stops most people dead in their tracks.

“That’s been said before.”  “That sounds just like that song from (insert your favorite writer here).”  “No one’s going to like this one.” “Are you kidding me?” “You can’t say that in song!” And more.

Here’s the Bad News about the Monkeys

The monkeys never stop chattering.

The best writers, artists and creatives of all kinds hear the monkey talking, too.  And just like you that second guessing and monkey mind has the same potential to kill more creativity than almost anything else.   But here’s the difference. They have learned to ignore the chatter.

The monkeys still yap away but their voices go unheard.

Here’s the Good News about the Monkeys

You can learn to ignore them, too.

It just takes intentional practice and the skill can be yours as well. Many creatives learn this technique through mindfulness. Many develop the craft through meditation or prayer. But all learn it through accountability to themselves and others.  The best managers, producers and music publishers know this and offer this accountability to their clients, many times by just asking the simple question, “How’s it going?” And then the best actually listen to the response.

Here’s the News You Can Use

I actually listen. (My wife may disagree, but that’s another story.) My clients have access to me for many services including this skill of “actually listening”.  I offer my time and attention to them so that they may “off load” some things to clear the creative pathway.

If you’d like some assistance is silencing your monkey mind, reach out to me and let’s make a plan.

And, please don’t forget to  #TakeTheTwenty