Okay, today I’d like make a humble request.  It’s a simple and easy three step request. It will take you less than a minute…maybe even just thirty seconds. Really.  Less than a minute (or thirty seconds if you’re really efficient and you can get three things done ( you overachiever, you!)

Imagine for three seconds that I’m kind of like that genie in the bottle that you find on the beach…you know, you rub the lamp and I appear and grant you three wishes…Okay, it’s not like that at all. Never mind.

Or you could pretend I’m Christopher Columbus and we’re sailing to the new world on the three ships, Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria… Okay, I’ll stop this nonsense and we can proceed.

(But the request is so simple and so easy that if I don’t add all of this extra entertainment, you’ll be like, “Is that it?” and move on.)

Focus.  Here comes the humble request.
1. Look at the the upper right side of this page.

2. Sign up for my newsletter.  (It’s right there where it says SUBSCRIBE…see, I told you this would be easy!) First name, last name, e mail, subscribe.

3.Reply “Done!” on Facebook.

That’s it. Really. No, I’m NOT kidding, that’s it!! (I told you there would be nothing to it.

Then, each week  you’ll get music and entertainment industry insider info from me that you won’t get anywhere else. My intention with the newsletter is to bring value at no additional charge… a freebie, and we all like freebies

Thank you.
(This song has nothing to do with the post or the request or anything else, but I just like the song…and just be thankful that I did not use “Knock Three Times” by Tony Orlando and Dawn…or The Commodores’ “Three Times a Lady”…or…okay, okay.)

Until next time, friends….be nice!