Def Leppard on What?!?

DEF LEPPARD ON CORNBREAD! That’s what I said. And that’s how Cody Parks and the Dirty South describe their music. Def Leppard. Cornbread. Who knew?

Who indeed.

Well I’ll tell you who! The world is about to know.  These guys rock so hard it will make your teeth chatter. And on the two recent releases, SEMINOLE WIND and THE OTHER SIDE,  their blend of 80’s metal, pop rock and country is fresh and, in my humble opinion, an incredibly cool new sound.


In full disclosure, you must know that both Clint and Tate Richardson play in the band and I have been blessed to work with them for over a year now. But these guys, The Dirty South: Cody, Clint, Tate, Pat and Lyle freakin’ rock!

Seminole Wind

The Dirty South takes this early 90’s John Anderson chestnut to a whole new place by combining the real country lyrics, down home subject matter and feeling of the original with heavy metal shredding guitars, thundering drums and a rock arrangement that is incredibly infectious. And they make the song their own.

Turn up your speakers and hear this taste for yourself.



The Other Side

And then there’s this.  Country Metal. Metal meets country and takes it to a new level with this original by Clint, Tate, Cody and Joe Collins. Yes, I said it metal meets country. Country Metal.

The shredding guitars with their soaring melodic and memorable hooks are undeniable. 

Country Metal.


Call To Action

Please listen to the tracks.  Share them.  Talk about them.  Go see them live. Become a fan.

Def Leppard.  Cornbread. Indeed.

Hey, they said country rap was crazy once, too. Rock on!