U.S. Congressman Bob Goodlatte and Chris Keaton, Vinton Dogwood Festival 2017

The Vinton Dogwood Festival has always been special to me but last week was more special than usual for the lessons it taught me.


One of main lessons came in the form of a simple question from Congressman Bob Goodlatte,  “So what do you do in Nashville?”  I responded with my typical elevator description and we moved on to talk about legislation which affects the music industry today.

Before I go any further with my story, let me acknowledge the efforts on Representative Goodlatte on behalf of songwriters, artists and creators. He has championed songwriter issues on the Hill for years, most recently a proposal (which became a bill ) for much needed copyright review. I was able to personally thank him for his continuing efforts last week.

Anyway, his question really made me think about the three main things I really do.


I preach the gospel of my clients and shout their praises to others by pitching their songs or advancing their artist careers.  Advocacy (in this context) is essential to an artist or songwriter because it is “third party validation”.  In other words, it’s one thing for someone to scream about how good they are but quite another when someone else does the shouting.

My songwriter client, Mike Greenly knows about my advocacy since it was instrumental in him having the opportunity to write the new state song of the State of Virginia, “Our Great Virginia.


All of my clients deserve my belief in their talent.  I admire them and what they are able to do and I believe in them wholeheartedly. That belief also includes coaching and assisting them in being better writers or artists. My new clients, Clint and Tate Richardson are incredibly talented rock musicians and writers. You will be hearing more about them in the coming months, as I feature their stories and as I help develop them as artists; Clint in starting his new project and Tate in developing his band, Nine Mile High.


Maribeth Derry is another great example.  Bo Goldsen connected me to Maribeth and her incredible lyrical style.  She has written many hit songs and exceptional lyrics.

Hit songwriter, Tommy Lee James has been a friend since I worked for Barbara Orbison.  I connected Maribeth to him and they really hit it off.  So much so that they, along with Lonestar’s lead singer, Richie McDonald co-wrote the Billboard Top Five song, “Let’s Be Us Again.

These examples, past and present, really explain the core of my business and my passion – Advocate – Believe – Connect. Thank you for your question, Bob Goodlatte!

Let me hear from you if you need an advocate, believer and connector for YOUR career.