I apologize, but the truth is it really is stupid simple. So, I say it this way:  Keep It Stupid Simple!

In Marketing 101 it is universally agreed that the three most influential words ever were: Lather. Rinse. Repeat. The message is clear. It is elegant. And it is simple, stupid. (Or as I like to put it, Keep It Stupid Simple.)

Now before you run off thinking I have absolutely lost my mind, allow me to explain.  Let’s start with a little word replacement exercise for all of you emerging artists.


If you are serious about being an artist you need to be performing.  Regularly.  Now, before you even start, I know it’s tough, maybe even next to impossible to get gigs, but you have to play in front of people in order to hone your skills and get better at performing. So try house concerts, community gigs, picnics and, of course, clubs.  In this day and age artists at the emerging level must be creative. It truly is a DIY (do it yourself) world.

But here’s the secret sauce.  HELLO IN THERE, HERE COMES SOMETHING PROFOUND!!!!

After every gig you must have a post mortem where you review how the set went; how the audience reacted to your songs; how the audience reacted to your between song patter; the point in the set where you KNEW you had them; the point in the set where you KNEW you lost them; and even the point in the show where you won them back.  These elements (and others in the plan I can create for you) are the keys to becoming better live performers.

Keep It Stupid Simple.


Go back to the drawing board and rehearse not only the things you felt you did right from your post mortem notes, but also the things you didn’t. Why?  So you can do them better next time.

Focus on making your performances stronger and more engaging each time you set foot on the stage.

Keep It Stupid Simple.


Take these lessons and put them into practice at your next gig.  And when the gig is over, review it in your post mortem. When your post mortem is over and you have notes, rehearse. I know it sounds simple because it is. So,

Keep It Stupid Simple!

Hey, maybe I can help you in keeping it stupid simple.  #TakeTheTwenty and then reach out to me.