Jim Peterik and The Ides Of March

Bah da ba pa daaaa….yah!  That’s the signature lick from The Ides of March song, “Vehicle.”

Bomp…bomp bomp bomp…bomp bomp bomp…bomp bomp baaaa…bomp.  That’s the signature lick from “Eye of the Tiger.”  Both songs were written by Chicagoan, Jim Peterik.

A Fan For Life

Thanks to Chuck Poss, I first saw Jim play with The Ides of March at the Kings Inn in Roanoke VA when I was a teenager. I quickly became a fan. I bought those records and wore them slam out!

When I was in Dazzle Boys in the early 80’s, I rediscovered Jim as a founding memm]ber of the band Survivor.  I LOVED the first album and the song “Somewhere in America”. Not long after, the band found fame with “Eye of The Tiger”.

In 1993, I moved to Nashville.  Shortly after arriving I was introduced to Jim and was able to tell him what a huge fan I was.  He was/is as gracious as they come and we have been friends ever since.

A Friend For All Time

He invited me to his home when was in Chicago in the late 90‘s and we spent the afternoon talking and listening to music in his home studio.  A defining moment for me. I mean, here I am sitting in the studio with the writer of “The Search is Over”, “Hold On Loosely”, “Is This Love?” and many, many more.

His life in music has touched so many others (including me).  He even wrote a book about his journey “Through The Eye of The Tiger”. His gift of music, performing and songwriting has endured and he just keeps on keeping on. And his gift of friendship to me is a real treasure.

Our paths continue to cross and we still bump in to one another in Nashville, Chicago or LA and it’s always great to see him…and every time I do, I remember that through his music, he has touched so many lives…brought smiles, tears, happiness and joy to so many people.

So as we celebrate the Ides of March I just want to say, Hey, Jim, thanks for sharing your gift of music. The gift of your songs really made defining moments for us all.

Somewhere In America”