Badass.  Jeffrey Krantz

I like the way that sounds. Badass.  Jeffrey Krantz.

This guitar slinger, rocker, songwriter badass and I met about a year ago at Macy’s when he came in to buy some stage clothes.  We developed a friendship and now I am honored to be working with him.

Badass Backstory

A finalist in the MTV competition American Supergroup, Jeffrey Danger Krantz released his band effort in 2016. Earlier in his career as a member of The Effects, he ground it out for over 200 shows a year opening for the likes of Kings of Leon, Shinedown and Foreigner. Nowadays he splits his time between live dates with the band a solo gig on Nashville’s  Lower Braoadway.  This shit ain’t for sissies!

Check this out!

Badass Present

Krantz brings a psychedelic/pop/rock edge with a heaping helping of  in-your face attitude. He brings provocative lyrics and authentic, no-holds barred rock and roll.  Krantz embraces frantic ecstasy and introspective depths, alternating between crazy antics, a dash of face paint, and a meaningful look within. The new record takes on several personalities, and draws influences from pop to reggae to artists including The Beatles, Weezer and T Rex and other golden age rock acts.

Badass Future

On or about April 20 (4/20 to those in the know) Krantz will invite us all to catch a buzz with his next single and video, Misty Morning Dew.

The respect I have for this guy is enormous.  His raw talent, persona and unstoppable drive inspire me.

Haven’t heard of Badass Jeffrey Krantz? Don’t worry, you will!