A Badass

So, I met this girl.  And I must say it right here and right now: Adara is a badass.  For the record she reached out to me.  Social media, you know. She wanted to meet and discuss how she could be more connected to the fashion scene in Nashville and to share her new single, “Alien”.

We me.  I was absolutely blown away by her presence and personality.  I mean she walks in dressed to the nines in white from head to toe.  You can hear the entire room take a beep breath when Adara enters.

A Star

Bill Aucoin always said the artists who are larger than life characters are the the ones destined to be stars.  Adara is a star.  She is unafraid to dress, sing, write music and behave differently than the crowd. Actually, she is an anomaly in the entertainment industry because she doesn’t pretend.

She is who she is.  Her own unique self. She truly lives and  breathes her artistry as she invites us in to her own unique, creative world.

And other artists may think they are connected with their fans but they could learn a thing or two from Adara.  I mean, LOOK AT THIS!!!

She is even connecting with her fans by reaching out to them and inviting  them to send stories about their own personal challenges. She plans to include these stories in another video for Alien. Did I mention that she’s a badass?

A Bloom

There’s a great line from the poet Anais Nin that reads: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Adara is becoming a beautiful blossom right before our very eyes.

Haven’t heard of Adara?  Don’t worry, you will!