OK, by following me you know that this book by Jen Sincero, You Are A Badass continues to impact my life. I highly recommend you get a copy.  I have read it twice and am making my way through it once again.  It is full of reminders and insights about how NOT to get in your own way.  Or how to get OUT of your own way. Oh, you know what I mean!
One of the real benefits is that I now notice badassedness in others.  And I want to recognize and celebrate that.
Chad Sain and Mike Worley are badasses. They are two of the finest DJs on the Carolina Beach Music circuit and I was fortunate enough to hang with them this week on the Band Of Oz Over the Rainbow Cruise.

In addition to being a live music DJ at events all over the southeast, Mike has a regular shift on North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina’s 94.9 The Surf.   His energy, enthusiasm and unbridled joy are contagious!

Chad is involved with the Carolina Beach Music Awards both as the MC of the show and a board member. He plays private parties and events, as well.  He doesn’t have a web site but as he says, “I’ve relied on word of mouth advertising for over thirty years.” He must be doing something right!

The thing that separates these two from other DJs is simple.  They know the secret that we all have two ears and one mouth and should use them accordingly.  In other words, they listen not only to music (of course they are both music lovers) but they listen to the audience for clues and cues on where the music should go.  Should we play a fast one or should we chill out for a few? I saw them perform twice on the cruise and was incredibly impressed with their ability to bring the crowd along and create a party atmosphere where everyone felt invested.

For that one reason along with the fact that these are two of the sweetest gents I’ve ever met, I deem them Badasses of the Week.  I salute you Chad and Mike!

I must say the Band of Oz Over The Rainbow Cruise was absolutely fabulous!

Here are a few gems from the book to consider:

Talk to strangers, we’re all family on this planet.

Expect and enjoy the unexpected.

Join the party.

Find the humor.

Live in the moment.

This shit isn’t for sissies. 

Once again the Friday message is this. The reason you are here is because you are a badass.  You are one of the few who are unafraid and are seeking something more. You’re not interested in following a trend or fitting in. You aren’t taking the easy path and that is why I salute you. You are a badass and in three easy steps, I can assist you in being a bigger and badder badass.

Oh, yeah, go out and buy the book!

Step One:
Never forget that you are a badass and that the only way you really fail is if you quit.

Step Two:
Don’t quit. Never surrender.

Step Three:
SONGWRITERS, together we can create plans to assist in not only pitching your songs to music industry decision makers but also coaching to help you be a better writer.

ARTISTS, you and I will create a plan to boost your career.  Whether you’re just starting or trying to get past the lobby at a major label I can help.
April 5, 2019. Have a great weekend!!

Onward and Upward!