I know. Cliches like, “Teamwork makes the dream work” make me want to puke, too.  Hey, maybe if we turn it around.. stay with me here.

Dream Work

Dream work is really important and essential work.  Take for example  the new release from Joe Settineri, BETTER. The song will be released globally on April 24. I’ve known Joe for quite awhile.  He is a dedicated artist with one goal in mind: seeing his musical dreams come true. With BETTER he takes a giant step in that direction.

The lyrical message is clear: Be your own hero!  Rock your own world! The irresistible track is the first of three collaborations between the American singer known for his recent releases BATMAN CRIES, OXYGEN, and HELLO GOODBYE  and Billboard charting producer, Electropoint.


Electropoint (a.k.a. Roman Molino Dunn) is a Billboard-charting music producer, award-winning film composer, and co-owner of Mirrortone Studios in New York City. He has worked with major and indie labels and Grammy-winning artists alike, particularly with reality TV stars (Love & Hip Hop, Dr. Miami, Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Tan Mom, Adam Barta), and his productions have climbed both the Billboard and iTunes top 20 charts.

Joe has added the expertise of August Blankenship and his digital marketing company, A2B to the mix.  The team of artist, producer and marketing creative has initiated and is implementing a plan worthy of any global brand.

But as we say in Nashville, “It all begins with the song,” and that is definitely the case here.  Building the plan from the ground up, the team has never lost sight of the importance of the song.  And the listener.

Yes, Dream Work Makes The Teamwork.

And dream work definitely makes this team work.  Witness a sneak peek of the proof here. Enjoy!

Joe Settineri


A2B Digital