Hear What?

As in, get a clue. Sometimes I am late to the party/

For example, when I was touring with High & Mighty in 1977, we had the opportunity to open for Sea Level at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia. Chuck Leavell (later to be the keyboard player with the Rolling Stones) was the band leader and namesake.  Among others, Jaimoe (Jai Johnny Johannsen) formerly with the Allman Brothers was in the band.

After sound check, I found myself on the stoop outside the stage door with Jaimoe. He was very friendly and we chatted awhile as he (okay, we) enjoyed a pre-show joint. At one point in the rambling conversation, he stopped. I started to say something and he motioned for me to be still. I did and he cocked his head to the side, sat quietly and it became obvious he was intently listening to something. (I swear I did not hear a thing but the bugs in the warm Virginia night).

It is?

He asked, “Hear that?” A beat and then, “Hear that?” I’m stumped because all I hear are the crickets and the other bugs. He said, “The music. Hear the music?” I shook my head and said all I hear are bugs. He said, “Yeah, ain’t it great?”

I thought he was a nut case.

And then…

For years I have thought about that. Later in life I realized he was not nutty at all but very aware and profound. He heard what I was not ready to hear.  He took the time to notice the beauty of music all around us while I did not.  All these years later I am ready.  Thank you, Jaimoe!

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Sea Level “Tidal Wave”

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