This originally appeared awhile back but I STILL get the question, “What do you really do?”. What in the wide, wide world?

Protocol or Pro To Call? I know, I know but here’s the point:

Not a single day goes by that someone doesn’t ask, “What do you really do?”

Simple answer: I help people. Here are a few of the ways I can help.


For an emerging songwriter or artist trying to break in the music industry it is against nearly all protocol to reach out cold to someone he or she doesn’t know and ask, “Hey, can I pick you brain?” Or, “Hey, I just wrote some new songs and I’d like to run them by you.”

To put it mildly, it simply isn’t done.

So how in the wide, wide world is an artist or songwriter supposed to learn the correct path?

Simple answer: I help people.

Pro to Call

Say what? Is it protocol or pro to call?

Well in this particular case, it’s the latter.  You need a Pro to Call and guess what?  I help people by being a music industry professional (Pro) artists and songwriters can Call and get information and answers to career questions. I can be your Pro To Call. Get it?

Now before any body gets crazy about this, I DO get paid for my services because I bring value to my clients. And it IS the music business not the music fooling around.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Me, I hope.  Let me be your Pro To Call.  I offer personalized plans at affordable prices that will bring real value to you and your career as an artist or songwriter.