You read that right, MO-mentum. Or betta yet, MO-BETTA-Mentum. Huh?


As in more. Momentum is defined as “the quantity of motion of a moving body.” Are you moving ? Exactly.

If you are moving I applaud you and If you are sitting still I encourage you to get up and take one step. Because one step calls for another. And another. And before you know it you are actually moving toward your dreams and goals.

It truly is all about the quantity of motion. Pulling out a notebook and pen. Opening your laptop. Creating that post or tweet. Writing the first sentence of your next book. Sketching the images that will become your next painting. Introducing yourself to a stranger.

It all adds up. Momentum.


Even betta, pick up the phone, make those calls, send that text, compose that email. Let everyone know who you are, what you’re doing and why. Trust me, once you crack the door and let your light shine in they will get it, particularly if you are moving and gaining Mo Betta Mentum.

Once you get started you will understand how truly easy it is. Make it your intention to take one step each day in the direction you want to go. Even if it’s a baby step. At the end of the week or a month you can look back in amazement at where you started and where you presently are.

And it gets betta. The more you do the more momentum you achieve and before you know it you’ll be carried, moved, propelled and even pushed further along your river of dreams by the momentum you, yes, YOU created. And people will notice.


You got this. And if you need help write me an email with these nine words as the subject:

“Hey, CK, can you help me gain more momentum?”

It’s. That. Easy. Reach out to me. Now. Let’s take five minutes and see if I can help you be the best you that you can possibly be.

Thank you!

Hey, here’s a simple and easy first step to get you moving in the right direction.  My Twenty Questions for creatives.  Go on.  Click and get started. Have some fun with it and let’s assess where you are and what steps

Take The Twenty

My hope for you is that each day you take steps down that road toward building YOUR momentum.